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We Can Too Project: The Dunnage Room

Here is a quick video that I shot a while back regarding one of the projects we do at We Can Too, LLC.

This is a project that we received from AAP in St. Marys, OH.  Basically our staff cleans their shipping containers.  We Can Too is staffed by people with developmental disabilities, so we are very happy that we are able to provide a valuable service to AAP.  We look forward to continuing our relationship with AAP!

Capabilities Holiday Auction

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On Friday, December 2nd, Capabilities, We Can Too, LLC, and the Capabilities Country Club had their annual Holiday Auction.  We have this annual event around this time to raise monies for local charities.  This year, a total of $3,800.00 was raised through the auction, cash donations, and a 50/50 raffle.  We actually beat how much we raised last year by $154.00!

Every year, we also ask all of our employees to give ideas for their favorite charities for the monies to be distributed to.  They came up with quite the list this year!  On December 15th, checks were sent out to the following agencies:

Samaritan House in Lima, OH;  Auglaize County Council on Aging; Agape Ministries in St. Marys, OH;  Equestrian Therapy Program in Cridersville, OH; Findlay Hope House; Bittersweet Farms in Whitehouse, OH; Gail Ministries in Celina, OH; the Methodist Church Food Pantry in Troy, OH; Family Abuse Shelter of Miami County; SICSA in Kettering, OH; The Linda Vista, Inc., in Dayton, OH; We Care Art of Kettering, OH; Alpha Community Center in Sidney, OH; Tiffin Seneca Library in Tiffin, OH; Cocoon Shelter in Bowing Green, OH; Way Craft Industries in Bucyrus, OH; SART of St. Marys, OH; and the House of Bread in Dayton, OH.

I would also like to throw out a few special thank yous to some people because this event would not be possible without them: Carolyn Garrison for sending out emails for the event, Belinda Bockrath for playing the role of the banker, Dee Dee Ray for sending out the checks to the agencies, Pam McCuistion for playing helping with the auction, Bill and Karen Blumhorst for setting up the event and giving everyone time to attend this event, Joe and Jan Bidlack for helping set up everything, and last, but certainly not least Gregg Nanson for organizing everything and being the official auctioneer.

Here is a slideshow of pictures from the event:

Note: If this Slideshow doesn’t work for you, or you would like to see bigger versions of the pictures, click here to view all of the pictures

Discount on Vehicle Detailing at We Can Too

Our friends over at We Can Too are currently running a special on their Facebook Page.  You can receive a $5 discount for “Checking In” at their location using the Facebook Places Feature if you are a first time customer.

Once you “Check In” you will see a coupon that looks similar to this one on the right.

After you get the coupon, just show it to the employees at We Can Too using your mobile device, and they will take it off on your order!

For more information on Facebook Deals, Click Here.

For more information on Facebook Places, Click Here.

For the We Can Too Facebook Page, Click Here.

For the We Can Too Website, Click Here.

Customized Drink Koozie Deal

PhotoI wanted to share a great deal that our sister company, We Can Too (check out their webpage at: has a great deal going on right now.  We Can Too is fulfilling an order from the websites and for all the customized koozies that they sell over the weekend.  These websites are similar to Groupon, but they are more customized for the dog and cat lovers out there.

The best part about the deal is the awesome price.  They are running for $1.99 all weekend (April 15th to April 17th).  This deal also includes free shipping.


If you happen to miss this deal, but would still like to get a customized can koozie from We Can Too, you can order one here:

Also, remember one more thing about when you order from We Can Too.  Your payments help put people with disabilities to work!

(Images pulled from and

Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month Open House

March is Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month, and for this year the theme is:

Capabilities, We Can Too, and other related organizations celebrate Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month in March, and we invite you to consider the true meaning of this year’s theme, “Together.”

Statewide, and across the nation, organizations devoted to serving individuals with developmental disabilities are planning special events in March to raise public awareness of the many abilities people have, regardless of disability. “Together” encourages people to understand that when people with disabilities are welcomed into local neighborhoods, workplaces, houses of worship, and schools everyone wins.

“This is a time when our organization focuses on encouraging the public to better understand the individuals we serve,” said Karen Blumhorst, CEO of Capabilities and We Can Too.

“During ‘Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month, we encourage people to learn more about the people in this community who have developmental disabilities and to recognize that all of us have talents and abilities that we can offer to make this a better place to live.  ‘Together’ we can accomplish more.”

Capabilities and We Can Too will kick off its recognition of March as DD Awareness Month with an Open House Event and Tour. The open house will be on March 15th from 12:00 PM to 7:00 PM at the Capabilities Country Club and at We Can Too.  Tours of the facilities will be given the entire time of the open house.  The Capabilities Country Club is located at this address: 9482 County Road 66A, New Bremen, OH 45869.  We Can Too is located at this address: 311 South Park Drive, Saint Marys, OH 45885.

Capabilities and We Can Too look forward to seeing you at the open house.  During March, Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month, get acquainted with someone who has a developmental disability. You’ll learn that everyone has something to offer and when we are all together our communities are stronger, we accomplish more, and everyone wins!

Affordable Car Detailing at We Can Too

Do you tend to neglect your car’s cleanliness? Why not treat your car to an affordable pampering at We Can Too…..

We Can Too News Video

Here is the news video that gives a bit of a background about We Can Too, LLC, a new company started by the owners of Capabilities, Inc (Karen and Bill Blumhorst) and Joe and Jan Bidlack.

Basically, We Can Too is a Opportunity Center for people with disabilities to work at.  The main job they do out there right now is putting on customized labels onto water bottles.  They also put together trophies and medals.

If you are interested in ordering, please contact Joe Bidlack at 419.305.8127.

Here is a link to a flyer that describes the pricing and advantages to our water bottles:

Orientation and preview day at We Can Too!

Bottles and Logo
Activity at the We Can Too! Opportunity center is revving up. An open house and orientation was held today for staff members. Employees will performing tasks such as putting custom labels on water bottles, assembling trophies, and shortly they will be putting together fishing divers. productsToday, the staff got acquainted with procedures and rules of the company as well as getting a tour around the new facility. Individual and group pictures were also taken to be placed on the upcoming website.

We Can Too! is a Limited Liability Company created by Joe and Jan Bidlack and Bill and Karen Blumhorst. They will provide opportunities for people with varying abilities to work in an environment that will help them be as productive as possible. There are currently 16 part-time employees and two supervisors, Kathe Long and Jason German. Keep checking back for news as this company expands and picks up steam!
Group Shot