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EmployAbility Job Fair at Wright State

EmployAbility Flyer 2014

EmployAbility Flyer 2014Just wanted to let everyone know about an event that we are going to have a booth at, and a great resource for people with disabilities in the Dayton, OH area…

The event is called EmployAbility. Is is a job fair for people with disabilities.

It is open to employers to find great candidates for employment. If you need a few ideas as to the benefits of hiring a person with a disability, check out the benefits of hiring people with disabilities section on our website.

It is also open to the public, so if you have disability in the Dayton area, this is a great event to find employers who are interested in hiring you!

Here are the quick details on the event:

Date:  March 26th, 2014
Time:  11:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Wright State University
Apollo Room, Student Union
3640 Colonel Glenn Highway
Dayton, OH 45435

At the event, the Air Force has volunteers that conduct mock interviews and provide feedback, so that is a nice added bonus…

Here is a link to view the full flyer of the event: EmployAbility Flyer 2014

Here is a link to event page from Wright State:

If you are an employer and are interested in having a booth there to find qualified applicants, the price of having a booth there is FREE. Here is the link to sign up to have a booth there:

Toledo Community Rehabilitation Partner Meeting

Yesterday, we met with a lot of the counselors from the northwest area of the Ohio Rehabilitation Services Comission. We appreciate all the feedback that we received and all the time that we were given to share some great information.

At this meeting, we shared a bulk of information. We started off with some statistics for the 1st Financial Quarter for the northwest area, and then broke down into some more specific information regarding our services. We talked about vocational evaluations, benefits analysis, and our computer training services.

If you are interested in any of the files, here they are all.

If this widget doesn’t work for you, you can view it directly from this link:

Notes and Audio for the @Capabilities Technology Demo Day in Toledo

Did you miss out on the Capabilities Technology Demo Day on October 30th, 2012?  If so, don’t fret!

I took some notes and audio recordings on the Livescribe Echo Smartpen that I have been using.  This is an awesome device by the way! It takes notes written notes and combines them with an audio recording that the pen does.  It is great for people with learning disabilities, memory issues, or for dealing with fast talkers :)

Here are all the notes:

Demo Day: Aver
brought to you by Livescribe
Demo Day: ULVA
brought to you by Livescribe

Capabilities Staff Interviewed

Here is a picture of station where we recorded at.

Just wanted to let everyone know that Belinda Bockrath, our Southwest Area Manager, and I were recently interviewed for a few Clear Channel stations. We are going to be on the Education Report, with Gary Honnert. Here are the stations, times, and dates that you can listen to us:

Date: Sunday, October 14th, 2012
Station and Time:

We talked for about a half hour about a lot of interesting things, so please be sure to tune in!

If you can’t listen in at any of these times or are out of their coverage area, I am trying to get an audio version of this that we can share out to everyone.

Needs Assessment for Ohio RSC

The Ohio RSC has recently completed a needs assessment for their services.  In the assessment, the following reccomendations were given:

  1. Focus efforts to access available federal funding to provide services to individuals with disabilities.
  2. Formalize efforts to understand processes and procedures used in counties that demonstrate effective methods for conducting outreach and addressing the employment needs of individuals with disabilities.
  3. Direct efforts toward establishing better alignment of the distribution of resources across counties in Ohio.
  4. Expand VR services to transition age youth through partnership agreements with Ohio Department of Education (ODE) and by encouraging VR counselors to work closely with local education agencies.
  5. Explore the utilization of a resource investment system in which outcome achievement data is utilized to make decisions about the investment of resources.
  6. Expand VR services to older adults through RSC’s partnership with the Ohio Department of Aging (ODA).
  7. Develop a formal plan to share current methods for collecting and disseminating data with stakeholder groups.
  8. Examine the need to capture additional data related to the use of state supported services at intake and for case management services.
  9. Evaluate the strategic use of “supported employment” services as a method of reducing recidivism.
  10. Direct efforts to use labor market information to assist consumers in developing valid employment goals.

To view more information about these reccomendations, check out the entire report here (Note: You need a PDF viewer such as Adobe Reader to view this link):

Local Businesses Team Up to Help Youth With Disabilities

From 2012 SYWE

Capabilities has recently completed a summer work experience for youth with disabilities. Through this experience, the students gained job skills, tried out different types of jobs, established work history, made connections with potential employers, and of course, made some money.

The Ohio RSC referred these students to Capabilities to complete the work experience. RSC funded this program so that the students can get ready for their transition into the workplace from school. All of the students involved were between 14 and 22 years old. All students were paid minimum wage for the hours they worked.

Capabilities would like to thank the following businesses who let the students come in and work at their facilities: Wapakoneta City Schools, Wapakoneta Manor, Fassett Farms, St. Marys City Schools, Otterbein St. Marys, Lininger Pony Rides, The Arts Partnership, Humane Society and SPCA of Hancock County, Hobby Lobby, The Findlay Publishing Company, and The Findlay YMCA.

“This experience is mutually beneficial for both the students and workplaces, and we wish to continue providing this service every summer for students in transition to the workplace,” said Karen Blumhorst, CEO of Capabilities .

Here are the official press releases regarding the program:

Findlay Summer Youth Work Experience Press Release
Auglaize-Allen Summer Youth Work Experience Press Release

Here is a slideshow of some of the students in action:

Convoy of Hope Stopping in Dayton

For anyone in need in the Dayton area, Convoy of Hope is throwing a great event.  At their event in Dayton, you can get each of the following services for free if you are in need:

  • Groceries (More than 35,000 pounds of free groceries)
  • Health Fair (Free medical and dental screenings with local doctors, medical professionals and dentists)
  • Kids Zone (Free medical and dental screenings with local doctors, medical professionals and dentists)
  • Hair Cuts Free haircuts for the whole family by local barbers and hairstylists)
  • Job Fair (Free services include professional resume writing, interview coaching and on-site interviews with local employers)
  • Family Portraits (Free family portraits courtesy of local photographers)
  • Live Entertainment (Free live music and entertainment)
  • BBQ Lunch (Free grilled hot dog lunch for everyone in attendance)
  • Clothing (Free clothing)

All of these goods and services are free of charge with no ID required or residency restrictions (while supplies last).

Here are the details for the event:

  • Date: Saturday July 28th
  • Time: 10:00 AM
  • Location: Welcome Park, Dayton, OH

View Larger Map

Here is a quick video from the Convoy of Hope about this event and other ones like it:

Convoy of Hope Community Outreach 2011 from Convoy of Hope on Vimeo.

If you are going to be in the Dayton area, it sounds like a great event!  I am sure they could use some more volunteers (which is also great to put on a resume), so if you are interested, go to this page:

For more information, check out this page:

Wholly Toledo!

Here is a quick link to an article about one of Capabilities’ consumers.

Congrats Danny!  Keep up the good work!  Capabilities has helped Danny with customized employment, funded by the Ohio Rehabilitation Services Commission.

If you are interested in services and have a disability, please apply for services with the Rehabilitation Services Commission.  Click here for a link to the application for services.

A Great New Business Opens on Columbus Commons With Aid From RSC

Check out this Twitter update from the Ohio RSC regarding a consumer they assisted to help start their business :

If you are an Ohioan with a disability, contact the RSC to see how they can help you!

Here is a link to their site:

ASPIRE to Excellence

Capabilities is a CARF (Commission on Accreditation for Rehabilitation Facilities) accredited facility.  With this, we live up to CARF“s moto of ASPIRE to Excellence.  Here is a quick video on just what CARF means by ASPIRE (yes it is an acronym in this case) to Excellence:

Just in case you don’t want to watch the video, here is what ASPIRE stands for:

  • Assess the Environment
  • Set Strategy
  • Persons Served and Other Stakeholders—Obtain Input
  • Implement the Plan
  • Review Results
  • Effect Change

CARF lists a great summary of what each part stands for, and if you are interested in reading more about how Capabilities improves our programming, check out this link:

Capabilities is always striving to make the lives of people with disabilities better, and by following our accreditation standards from CARF, we feel that we are well on our way.