Capabilities Appreciates Karen & Bill Blumhorst!!

Karen & Bill Blumhorst believe that they really do get to have their dream job – working with the best people, doing what they love, and changing people’s lives.  Karen started Capabilities in 1997 and slowly recruited a staff of over 100.  Karen is notoriously a “unforgettable” interviewer and many people have vivid memories and stories of their interview.  Bill once drove around for an hour trying to convince someone to go to work with his endless positive reinforcement.  Together, Karen and Bill have slowly and methodically led Capabilities with long hours and lots of laughs.  While reviewing Capabilities’ positive CARF accreditation remarks this year, both Karen and Bill reflected with astonishment asking, “How did we get so lucky?” At our annual Charity Christmas Auction Bill and Karen are very emotional towards their employees and the level of appreciation they feel for the staff. We appreciate them for being our steadfast leaders and believing no matter how well we do, we can always do better! Send these two a BIG pat on the back today! Thank you from all of your employees!

Capabilities Appreciates Katie Blumhorst!

Katie Blumhorst joined Capabilities just two short years ago but she reports, “time flies when you are having FUN!”  She serves as our lead for compliance and human resources. Katie travels throughout our service area and enjoys getting to know all employees and helping them with their Capabilities employment needs.  She was instrumental in helping Capabilities receive their most recent CARF certification that was RECOMMENDATION FREE!  That CARF survey ranks Capabilities in the top 3% of rehabilitation facilities. Katie also passed a national certification examination and is now a Certified Employment Support Professional,  demonstrating knowledge and skills in integrated supported employment. Way to go Katie!!

Many of you may not know, but this is not Katie’s first time being employed at Capabilities because she worked as a job coach during her high school career.  She left for college in Detroit, obtained her BS in Interior Design and began her career as an interior designer.  She was then hired by a company called Eileen Fisher as an interior designer so she packed up and moved to New York. She met and married her now husband Dan Sok. Capabilities recruited Dan and they subsequently moved to Ohio. Katie, never wanting to be left out, came back to Capabilities and we don’t know what we would do without her!

Capabilities Appreciates Mariann Sanders!

Mariann has been working out of our St. Marys office since 2014. Mariann Job Coaches for Community Based Assessments, Work Adjustments and Summer Youth Work Experience and is excellent at helping people find their strengths and abilities! Mariann is married to Ray and they have 2 sons and 1 grand daughter. Mariann’s baking skills are off the charts delicious, we love it when she brings in her goodies! Thanks for your hard work! Send her a pat on the back today!

Capabilities Appreciates Michelle Truesdale!

Michelle has been with Capabilities working out of our St. Marys office since April 2013. Michelle answers the phone and does great directing callers to their destination. Michelle reads Mid-Month and End of Month paperwork and sends them for billing. Michelle signs students up for driver’s training, assists with signing up their drive times, and oversees distributing the certificates. Michelle has recently begun preparing resumes for the St. Marys office and does great! Michelle has also taken on ordering supplies for all offices; so just let Michelle know when something is needed as she is a fantastic go-to-girl. Michelle loves watching OSU football!! She spends her free time with her boyfriend Steve and his daughter, enjoying their pool. Thanks Michelle for your hard work and dedication to Capabilities.