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What is Legal to Ask During an Interview

An interesting brochure got passed onto my desk this week from our Dayton Office Manager, Diane Zimpher. The brochure is from the Ohio Civil Rights Commission (CRC), and it includes a general list of what is legal or illegal to ask in an interview. If you have a disability, it is very important to know your rights as to what a potential employer can ask you.

Here is the brochure:

Click the Brochure for to View It Bigger (Note: You need Adobe Reader or a similar PDF viewer to view this).

As far as what to do when you are asked an illegal question, you have some options.  CollegeGrad.com has a great article, where they say that your two best options are the following: answer being very brief or ignore the question and move the discussion to a new area.  To view the full article, click here. The University of Wisconsin Eau-Clair Career Services also has a full list all of your options when you are asked an illegal question.  You can view that by clicking here.

In my opinion, I think I have to agree with CollegeGrad.com.  Generally, I believe that interviewers are not going to ask an illegal question on purpose, as by doing this an interviewer would be making doing illegal activities, which usually don’t get you very far.  If you still want the job even though an illegal question may have been asked, it is going to be your best bet to try to ignore the question and move to a different topic.