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Dragon Success Story for Person with Multiple Sclerosis #MS

I just was reading through my Dragon NaturallySpeaking Newsletter for February, and I came across a great article in it. It talks about how Evan Upchurch, a former Microsoft Employee, uses Dragon NaturallySpeaking to help make computers more accessible for him to use.

It talks about how he was able to really concentrate on his writing, and not his typing.  Evan said that like in many other jobs, Microsoft had a high volume of emails.  Using Dragon, he was much better at getting back to emails.  I specifically appreciated his quote, “At Microsoft, email is lifeblood. If you can’t do email, you do’t exist.”

To check out the full article, check this link out:


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2010 marks an increase in persons served by Capabilities

Capabilities served 1435 people in 2010.  That’s up almost 44% from the previous year! And we couldn’t have done it without the wonderful staff of people who make up Capabilities.  Our redesigned brochure reflects our 2010 data and provides an example of a Capabilities success story.  Check it out below.  Also, check out the table comparing our 2009 and 2010 information.

2009 and 2010 Persons Served

2010 Showed a 43.5% increase in the number of people we helped!

Brochure with front and back panel and an inside flap